Mil Mi-24 Hind


The Mil Mi 24 Hind was one of those Soviet designs that clearly showed the West that they were not simply copying the Western ideas.  The Soviets looked at their helicopter needs and came up with a unique solution – one that became feared on the many battlefields where it was deployed.  Fortunately it was never used operationally in the European Theatre.

When it first appeared in the Mil Mi-24, NATO code-named Hind, was a unique design.  Capable of carrying a squad of eight fully armed infantry into battle as well as providing close-air support of ground forces, the Mi-24 successfully combined elements of both helicopter gun-ships and troop transport helicopters.  Purposely designed as a flying Infantry Fighting Vehicle, the Hind’s cockpit and cabin are armour plated and provided with a positive over-pressure system to prevent the ingress of chemical or biological agents.  The cockpit glass is armoured whilst the engines and vital systems are also shielded with armour plate.  The Mi-24 was also able to carry a large amount of varied ordnance thanks to its stub wings, each of which had three munitions hard-points.  

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