McDonnell Douglas Phantom FG1 (Nose section only)

Equipment Fit

In common with the airframe, many equipment items were British built. UHF/VHF Communication and automatic direction finding (ADF) systems were carried, along with an AN/ARN-91 TACAN bearing/distance navigation system, a British-built Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system based on that developed for the TSR-2, Instrument Landing System (ILS), STR-70P radio Altimeter, British Marconi licence-built AN/ASN-39A Navigational analogue Computer, British Marconi licence-built autopilot, and a Gunsight Recording camera system to photograph the pilot’s forward outside view, used simultaneously with the lead computing optical sight system (LCOSS) for both gunnery and missile attacks. Also carried were a camera-based Missile Monitoring system to record missile launch and a pod-carried Airborne Instrumentation Sub-System forming the airborne component of an air combat manoeuvring range/instrumentation system.

For Air Intercept, the American Westinghouse AN/APQ-59 radar used in the AN/AWG-10 fire control system was retained, though built in the UK under licence by Ferranti. The AWG-11 (RN air intercept version) and AWG-12 (RAF ground attack/mapping radar), incorporating a Marconi inertial navigation and attack system (INAS), fed navigational information to the pilot’s head-up display (HUD) as well as navigator’s cockpit displays. This was the most advanced radar in Europe at the time. From 1976 the distinctive Marconi ARI18228 passive Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) - unique to British Phantoms - was added to the fin-tip, with both ECM (electronic counter-measures) and Passive Radar Warning systems carried.

Some FGR.2s were wired for the EMI reconnaissance pod fitted on the centreline, and a chaff/flare dispenser could also be carried. A pod-mounted strike Camera System could also be carried with F.95 or G.90 cameras. In the main it was the electronics fit that differentiated the RN and RAF versions.

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