Somewhere in excess of 80,000 of the M113 series of vehicles have been built, incorporating many upgrades and improvements to this popular and successful vehicle. This database can only scratch the surface of the information available on this vehicle.

Although an almost direct contemporary of the similarly specified FV432 in British Army service, the Americans had some previous experience of full tracked carrier design (M75 and M59). This experience led to a vehicle that has aluminium construction, which means relatively light weight and at least initially the use of a smaller engine as a result. The vast majority of units produced, and all those still in service are diesel powered. The vehicle is also amphibious unlike its supposed replacement the M2/M3 Bradey (with the exception of a few early models that vehicle is too heavy to be amphibious.).

The driver is on the left, with the engine, transmission etc. on the right. The commander/gunner is under a 360-degree cupola almost in the centre, with a pintle-mounted 0.5in M2 HB machine gun, the crew or troop compartment takes five a side with another in a jump seat behind the commander, giving a crew of two, plus eleven troops. Variants include Command Post, Mortar Carrier, Recovery Vehicle and Cargo Carrier.

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