Kotlin Class


Country: Soviet Union

These were the last of the Soviet conventional destroyers armed only with guns and torpedoes and were the world’s last non-missile armed destroyers produced. It was based on the earlier 36 hull Skory Class but with improved armament. It was thought that a total of 36 vessels of this class were planned but in fact only 27 were completed between 1954 and 1961.

Bravvy was completed as a prototype to test the SA-N-1. Later seven more ships were modernized to take this missile system. The SA-N-1 launcher was mounted aft, in place of their original guns. This update made them the first Soviet anti-air warfare oriented destroyers and were known as SAM Kotlin I. The last three ships in this class were also equipped with 30mm guns and were known as SAM Kotlin II. Only one Kotlin missile ship was transferred to another Warsaw Pact navy – this was the Spavedlivy which went to Poland where it was renamed the Warszawa.

The last of the Kotlin, SAM Kotlin and Modified SAM Kildin destroyers were retired in the late 1980s.

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