HS Nimrod


The Nimrod is unique as the only four jet engine maritime patrol aircraft but like others in this field is derived from an airliner.  The Nimrod was a key Royal Air Force player in the maritime air operations during the second half of the Cold War.  

The Nimrod design was based on the civilian de Havilland Comet airliner; two Comets were converted as prototypes.  The Nimrod MR Mk 1 was also unusual in that it entered service ahead of schedule and on budget.

The original Nimrod specification was identical to its predecessor, the Shackleton, in that it called for an aircraft capable of patrolling for five hours on task 1000 nautical miles (1850 km) away from base.  However, the Nimrod was equipped with more advanced sensors and was much quicker in the transit to and from the operating area.  It also had a central tactical computer that tied output from the various sensors together and automatically plotted them on a large display screen.

Its post Cold War successor, the MRA4, has suffered a number of major delays and cuts in order.

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