Foxtrot Class


Foxtrot Class

Nationality: Soviet Union

The Foxtrot Class is somewhat surprising as there were three distinct sub classes and production took place at two separate times. The three classes basically differ only in the propulsion unit fitted. Those produced for the Soviet Navy were built between 1958-68 (45 units) and 1971-74 (17 units). The other seventeen units were built for export; mostly in the second half of the 1970s.

The Foxtrot Class proved to be one of the most successful conventional submarines designs produced by the Soviets in the Cold War period. The type operated with all four Soviet naval fleets and they were also attached to squadrons in the Mediterranean and Indian Oceans. Two were struck off charge due to collisions. One of these was with the Italian liner Angelino Lauro in the Bay of Naples on 10 January 1970. The submarine lost 8m of its bow but was able to limp to a Soviet anchorage off Morocco.

The first foreign navy to purchase Foxtrot boats was the Indian Navy. They received eight and were followed by Libya and Cuba.

Many of the Soviet boats remained in service up until the end of the Cold War but they were later rapidly transferred or withdraw. Four units were transferred to the Ukrainian Navy in the late 1990s and by 2004 the Russian Navy only operated a single training boat.

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