The BRDM-2 is an amphibious scout car developed in the early 1960s as a replacement for the earlier BDRM-1, which had a less powerful engine and open weapons position. The vehicle was first seen in public in 1966. It is also knows as the BTR-40-P2 or BTR-40PB.

The BRDM-2 formed part of the establishment of Soviet motorised rifle and tank divisions. Widespread adoption has been made of the basic vehicle as a guided missile carrier, with amongst other, Sagger anti-tank guided weapons and later Swatter and Spandrel anti-tank guided weapons. Not just anti-tank but also surface- to-air-missiles have used the chassis, notably the SA.9 Gaskin system.

The turret on the standard vehicle is the same as that used on the BTR60 PB armoured personnel carrier. It carries a heavy 14.5 and standard 7.62mm machine gun. Other variations on the standard BRDM-2 include a command vehicle which dispenses with the turret and the BDRM-2rkh radiological-chemical reconnaissance vehicle which marks out contaminated areas with marker flags.

This vehicle has been an outstanding export success and has been in service with as many as 45 or so different countries. Not all of these have obtained their vehicles in orthodox fashion of course; some countries like Israel have had them in service due to large numbers being captured from third parties.

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