Bell AH-1 Cobra


The Bell AH-1 Cobra is the original helicopter gunship, establishing the standard configuration of tandem-seating, thin fuselage width, nose, stub-wing mounted armament and is the spiritual father of the modern-day Agusta Westland WAH-64 Apache as operated by the British Army’s Air Corps. Developed using the major components of an existing aircraft, (the Bell UH-1 ‘Huey’), to meet the urgent need for a troop-transport helicopter escort and close-air support aircraft. The Cobra was developed into an anti-armour gunship capable of destroying the leading Soviet tank designs. Continuously upgraded and ‘navalised’ the Cobra served with the United States Army, Marine Corps and America’s Asian, Middle Eastern and European Allies throughout the Cold War, seeing action in all of the United States major Cold War actions from Vietnam onwards.

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