No.190 Squadron

A cloak charged with a double-headed eagle displayed
A cloak charged with a double-headed eagle displayed
Ex tenebris - Through darkness
24 October 1917
21 January 1946

No 190 Squadron was formed on 24 October 1917 at Rochford as a night training unit. The squadron disbanded in April 1919.

On 1 March 1943 the unit was reformed at RAF Sullom Voe and flew anti-submarine patrols until 31 December 1943 when it was disbanded.

On 5 January 1944 No 190 Squadron reformed as an airborne forces unit. In the spring of 1944 glider-towing training took place as well as supply drops into France. The unit delivered paratroops to the Normandy drop zones in June 1944 and followed this up with glider borne re-enforcements the following day. In September No 190 Squadron took part in the ill-fated Arnhem operations. In March 1945 it took part in the Rhine Crossing operations. The following month it was diverted to carry fuel for advancing ground forces and in May it flew army units into Norway to disarm the German garrison. After a period of general transport duties the squadron was renumbered No 295 Squadron on 21 January 1946.


Various types 1917 - 1919
Catalina I/IV 1943 - 1943
Stirling IV 1944 - 1945
Halifax III/VII 1945 – 1946

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