Charles F Adams Class


Country: United States

This class of guided missile destroyer was designed at the end of the 1950s They were intended as a follow on to the Forrest Sherman Class. They were outwardly similar to this earlier class but the Charles F Adams ships were the first to be built from the keel up to be equipped with surface to air missile defence systems.

Following its commissioning USS Charles F. Adams took part in Mercury 8 space recovery operations. During this period the Cuban Missle crisis developed and the ship hurried to the Caribbean as part of the United States Navy quarantine forces.

When they were originally designed they represented the cutting edge of military technology but by the 1970s advances had been so great that the US Navy realised the Charles F. Adams Class was ill prepared to deal with the most modern air and missile threats. They therefore began a New Threat Upgrade programme to extend the service life of these ships. With new sensors, weapons and communications upgrades it was predicted that their combat warfighting capabilities had been significantly enhanced.

With the significantly increased military spending during the 1980s by the Reagan administration money was ploughed into Ticonderoga Class cruisers and Arleigh Burke Class guided missile destroyers, as Charles S Adams Class replacements and in fact only the USS Tattnall received the full NTU upgrade.

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